Angry Neighbor

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  • Date : 2017-02-14
  • Size : 87M
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Explore the neighbor's house and unravel his secret The neighbor was always an unusual person and something that he hid in his house, you become curious, and you go to his home, but instead of getting acquainted, he starts to catch you, avoiding the traps of a neighbor, and also independently studying the house. In the evil neighbor is present - Good 3D-graphics, optimized for mobile devices. - Good and quality mobile control - Full freedom of action Do whatever you want, have fun :) Find the door keys Climb to different places Explore the house It's a parody.

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Pptgames Editor's Review

The realistic style of the game picture quality design brings a strong sense of freedom to explore interlocking puzzles and more fun, fingertip strategy operation to avoid neighbors more skills! To explore the mysterious villa as the theme, due to the mysterious posture of the neighbors, so that this thing has become more scary, fortunately, even if we are caught, we have nothing to lose, just start all over again.


Players in the game will explore the behavior, strange behavior of the neighbor's huge house, but the exploration is naturally discovered by this horrible neighbor, so players should try their best to avoid him, once found by this horrible neighbor, players will be knocked unconscious and sent back to their homes!

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    A horrible neighbor.

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    I think it's very suitable for six-year-old children. My baby finished very well.

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    Children's love is the most important.

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    The game is safe and suitable for children.

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    There are many kinds, which are very suitable for children to explore full of curiosity.

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    A mio figlio di 4 anni piace tantissimo. Molto semplice e quasi ripetitivo, ma lui ne va pazzo. Grafica molto carina e niente pubblicità.

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