Imposter Park - Master of drawing puzzle game

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  • Date : 2021-03-13
  • Size : 79M
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💥 ALERT - You will love this game! 💥 Amazing drawing puzzle combines with imposter theme to bring you challenging yet funny moments in a totally free game! Be a 5-star park master ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You draw paths, you solve brain puzzles, you park all crewmates, but the most important: You escape from impostors ! Learn about this free addicting puzzle game, and enjoy the game with no wifi. It's an offline impostor puzzle that you can play anywhere! Are you ready, our beloved park masters? HOW TO PLAY Imposter Park - Master of drawing puzzle game : ⭕️ Draw lines to lead crewmates to correct places by matching colors. Be careful, the imposter is watching! ⭕️ Avoid obstacles like plants, walls, pillars... and even other crewmates. Don't let them smash into each other. ⭕️ Earn as many coins as you can along the way ⭕️ Collect golden keys to unlock imposter's treasures You will win when you can help crewmates escape from impostors by running to correct parking places - color matched. WHAT TO EXPECT IN Imposter Park - Master of drawing puzzle game : ⭕️ 200++ level of draw puzzle for you to challenge. You'll soon become a park master! ⭕️ Lovely characters from the most popular game 2021 will be presented. And this time it's totally free! ⭕️ Change costumes, skins, and hats from the full collection: Become spider, goku, dragon slayer, doremi, god of thunder, etc. ⭕️ Play this free game with no wifi. It's offline and it's super funny! ⭕️ Short and auto-save levels so that you can play anywhere: On the train, on your way to work, at a boring party you don't like, at home,... ⭕️ Train your brain, upgrade your skill. It's a puzzle game anyway. ⭕️Challenge your friend: Who's the master at parking imposters and solving draw puzzles? Everything's set. Let's draw the line, park all imposters to their places, and rescue crewmates in Imposter Park - Master of drawing puzzle game . DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Pptgames Editor's Review

Train the brain and improve skills. Anyway, it's a puzzle game.


Try to avoid plants, walls, pillars. Even obstacles such as other occupants. Don't let them collide with each other.

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