Exploration Lite Craft

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  • Date : 2016-07-01
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An amazing infinite blocky open world to build, craft and explore. Exploration Craft lets you be the reality crafting god! As a miner and adventurer, you need to build constructions out of textured cubes in this 3D block world. You may also need to combat against evil monsters in the evening using the weapons mined and crafted in the daylight. Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons, grow plants, raise you own mounts and cast magic spells. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination in this lite and pro version of the game! Game Features: - Deep tutorial and tons of 3D elements - Procedurally generated open world sandbox environment - Create your own castles using blocks and other elements - Train and raise mobs/mounts to help you fight against monsters

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Pptgames Editor's Review

You enter a randomly generated world, venture into this land of squares and magic, and embark on your own journey of survival, whether it's collecting all kinds of resources and exploring different landscapes. synthetic tools and weapons are still planting crops, domesticating mounts, from building humble wooden houses to building magnificent cities, only your imagination is limited.


Although the world looks quiet and peaceful during the day, dangerous evil creatures are hidden in the darkness of the night. Build your own shelter to spend the night, and be careful of mummies, pumpkin monsters and other monsters that want to kill you. Killing them allows you to gain experience and learn more powerful skills. Build portals to help you travel through different strongholds, or enter the dungeons where evil creatures are located and challenge them in the fog.

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    Miss Priss

    When I first entered the world of Exploration Lite Craft, I was amazed by the picture of the game. The picture of the game is really beautif ...more

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    I think the game "Exploration Lite Craft" of the bar diamond world is also the brain of the development group, and it doesn't have a long li ...more

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