Love Balls

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  • Date : 2018-04-20
  • Size : 60M
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It's time to use your brain and find a way to bump the balls! The rule's easy, just draw lines or shapes to bump the balls, you will need your wisdom and imagination. You'll surely love this game once you get how it works! Features: * Free to play, play it anywhere anytime * Suitable for all ages * Simple rules but a little difficult to clear the level, you'll find the addiction. * You can also enjoy the fun of collecting pens * Now try to get a higher score and share it with your friends!

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Pptgames Editor's Review

A simple painting style graffiti casual game, players need to help two balls come together, open your imagination, you can draw a variety of lines or geometric shapes, there are a variety of interesting props in the game, learn to use will be better. Free games, play games anytime, anywhere, casual puzzle, young and old, simple rules, rich imagination, experience the fun of fantastic ideas! You can also experience the fun of collecting brushes, costumes, backgrounds and new levels constantly updated to challenge yourself and share with your friends!


The rules are simple -- draw a line or shape for the balls to collide -- but in this game you need not only intelligence, but also some imagination! The two balls will be in different positions on the map, with some obstacles in between, and a fixed terrain. The player's task is to use pen and ink to draw the terrain where the two balls collide, and use small strokes to give the ball a push forward. Be aware that this is a gravity setting, so don't let the ball or the strokes fall out of the screen, otherwise it will be considered a failure.

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    My daughter is 5 years old and really enjoys playing this game!! I think dad enjoys it too. And it's free :)

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    This game is probably a bit too hard for my 4 year old!

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    great game

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    Addictive and challenging

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