Grand City Thug Crime Gangster Action Game 2021

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  • Date : 2018-10-11
  • Size : 116M
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Time to become the real hero in the open world crime city. The grand gangster city is the real action thrilling game for all the lovers of the grand crime theft mafia game. Come and enjoy the city of sin with different challenges to face as the real gangster hero. You are put on multiple missions lately. Enter into the world of freedom and play different modes of the real crime city grand gangster. Start your journey as the real crime gangster hero and start missions against the crime lord and godfather. Stop the grand wars and street crimes now. Show your driving skills as well as the shooting skills to be the real hero in the ultimate grand war gangster auto. Play the most wanted real gangster mafia thug life and eliminate all the crime gangster grand war from the open world city of sin. Accept different thrilling challenges of the grand gang star now. Move around freely in the thug city mafia now. Get into the car and complete the missions with stealthy moves. Accept the challenges and complete them within the time limit. Rescue the innocent citizens and kill the gangsters with the different guns. Time to take the revenge in the grand war crime city gangster. Play this grand shooting crime attack. You are on the grand crime war in the city thug life. Experience the best thug life that you have not been experienced before. Snatch and steal cars from the citizens in the free mode for the survival mission so that you will be able to save your friend! Complete the missions in the endless mode in which you can shoot as wander around the grand crime city freely. Add some adventure in the grand war mafia city. Use the grand helicopter to save the citizens from the real gangster war. The grand gangster enemies are smuggling the truck of weapons to another grand crime city. You have been assigned the mission to recover that truck of weapons. Moreover, you have been given the map for the directions to reach to the targeted locations. Save your friends through the grand jail breakout and complete the rescue missions. Time to kill the agent of the grand god father of the most wanted grand gang who is indulge in the extreme criminal robbery street crimes. FEATURES -4 thrilling grand gangster modes in the open world -Drive, shooting, free mode or challenge mode -10 exciting levels in the challenge mode -Time limit to complete the grand crime missions -Engaging gameplay sound effects -3 real hero selection for the open world theft missions -Epic and addictive adventurous crime scenes

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Pptgames Editor's Review

It's time to be the real hero of the crime city of the world. Big Mafia City is a real action thriller game for all enthusiasts of the Grand Theft Mafia game. Come and enjoy Sin City. As a true gangster hero, you have to face different challenges. You've been on a number of missions lately. Enter the free world and play different models of real crime city gangs. Start your journey as a true crime gang hero and start a mission to fight crime masters and godfathers. Stop the great war and street crime now. Show your driving skills and shooting skills and become the real hero of the ultimate war gangster car.


Thrilling mafia games, upgrade your weapons, make criminals rich at any time, a variety of means waiting for you to play, maintain the order of the city, accept rescue missions, save innocent citizens, consistent operation of the game and coquettish position, let you successfully avoid danger, catch criminal bosses, complete a variety of difficult game challenges, different heroes have different skills. There is a certain time limit for the release of different tricks. You must catch the gangsters and criminals as soon as possible and bring them to justice in order to complete the task.

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