Magic Tiles 3

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  • Date : 2017-02-24
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Play Magic Tiles 3 for free on mobile today! It is a special game in different genres of piano games and wonderful gameplay. Rule of the game : It’s similar to other piano games, just tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles. That's all ! Game features: - Real music feeling when tapping the black tiles - Many HOT songs with great vocals are frequently updated - Many genres of music: POP, EDM, classical, country, Latin,.. /b>Access VIP Features now!/b> - No Ads. No Disturb. - Unlock 5000+ hottest songs - Free Revives. Nonstop playing. " Do not hesitate to try free piano online! This excellent piano game has more challenges in store for you than you imagine. Permission: In order to provide the optimal experience, we ask for "Storage" permission when you download this game Become a real pianist today! Magic Tiles 3 is from Amanotes, the number one music games publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousand of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can also play with it? At Amanotes, we believe that “everyone can music!”. Support: Are you having any problems? Send email to: or contact us in the game by going to Settings > FAQ and Support. Terms of use: Privacy Policy:

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Pptgames Editor's Review

Magic Tiles 3 is a simple casual music game, exquisite game screen, bright color, fresh picture, easy to use the game operation, smooth operation experience, rich level design, challenge and interest coexist, let you indulge in it, welcome interested players to download the game to try!


When you participate in the game, you will get stuck in the middle of the game. The picture stops, but the music continues. In fact, the purpose of playing this game is to experience the kind of piano-like sound that can be made after pressing the key, and feel that you are playing the piano, but when playing, the inexplicable sound of other musical instruments will really affect the experience.

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    Form a team with partners, but find that the level is uneven, really bad to a certain extent

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    Really bad to a certain extent, isn't because my game talent is bad?

  • G

    When I encounter difficult breakthrough levels, I usually let myself stop, seriously thinking clear key points, again play again.

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    One afternoon, even broke several ten shut, suddenly felt this is worth showing off, quickly praise me

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    This image of this game is very good especially this clear urban perspective.

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    Playing games always makes you feel better.

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