Super Wings : Jett Run

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  • Date : 2019-03-25
  • Size : 59M
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Treasure Hunting Version is online! Just keep exploring and the prize await will be Huge. Jimbo had hidden many treasure chests during his winter vacation. Collect them and get the Bounty of Super Wings. Innovative express gameplay - let you accompany Jett and Dizzy them to deliver packages to children in different cities and share happiness! The package may carry a long-awaited toy from a distant friend, a letter from a former teacher, a sweater that may be hand-woven by grandparents and so on. Enjoy the warm and happy atmosphere of opening the package with everyone! Welcome to Super Wings, join the endless running fun, help Jett deliver the courier to the world! Players run and surfers to deliver the courier and explore the fun and endless running world of Super Wings Jett Run! This cool running game completely revolves around running, jumping, surfing and rushing in subway! Official Genuine Authorization : Jett is the fastest Jet airplane robot in the world! He is full of energy and confidence. Jett is very friendly with everyone at the international airport. He likes to fly around the world to help person deliver packages Fun Run and surfers : Play as a Super Wings, running and dodge in a stimulating subway. In this fast and crazy endless running game, Jett and his friend safely deliver the package to the owner. Transform : Jett and his friends can transform into airplanes, run and surfers at insane speed and destroy everything on the subway. Multiple Characters Choose to play as one of Jett's friends, including Donnie, Dizzy, Jerome and Paul. Each has its own characteristics. For example, Dizzy is a rescue plane, Donnie is an engineer, and Jerome is a stunt plane... Different Scenes Enjoy the run and surfers in different scenes, Include subway, undersea, city, field, temple etc.Admire the different scenery along the way, but don't forget to avoid the obstacles and trains while on the subway! Easy Control It is very easy to control, run and surfers as fast as possible and run around in endless subway scenes. Be careful to avoid obstacle, collect coins and buy more items. There are many roles to choose from. Every runner has a unique style. Use your favorite character to get the first place. Official Genuine Authorization - Popular characters and original plots let you instantly blend into them! Rich and varied gameplay - simple operation and rich gameplay just let you can't stop! High-definition extreme quality - gorgeous scenes in HD scenes let you enjoy the visual feast! Download the game and let Super Wings take you around the world and start a magical journey! Download Now, DASH as fast as you can! Help Jett and his friends deliver the courier to the world!

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Pptgames Editor's Review

Accompany friends to deliver parcels to children in different cities and share happiness! The package may be a toy prepared by a friend from afar, a letter from a former teacher, or a sweater knitted by grandparents. Enjoy the warm and happy atmosphere of opening the package with everyone!


This is an interesting game, in this game, players will encounter a lot of interesting props, but players need to pay attention to the process of this game, with the deepening of players, become faster and faster, therefore, this game extremely tests the player's response, which is not only the essence of the game, but also the difficulty of the game.

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    It's not a bad game, isn't it? the baby likes it.

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    This app is amazing and keeps all my kids busy when I need them to be plus it teaches them to process emotions while playing a game !

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    My 3 years old loves it

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    This game is so fun that I can't stop to play it.

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    It made my Grand daughter very happy

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    It keeps me busy for a little while

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